Wednesday, March 28, 2007


More running around getting things in order...Everyone in States always asks about Dubai as it does have the most publicity. But I like Abu Dhabi better of the two.

Less traffic, easier to get around and after awhile you know everyone. In a way it's a pain because you cannot run out to the store looking like a total mess.

It's interesting on the UAE blog how a lot of people write about expats not fitting in to the country and just staying with expats from their own country. I have a few Nationals who are friends (guys and girls) and cannot imagine why one would be in a foreign country and not want to have friends who are from that country.

Maybe because LA is a melting place of different cultures as well, you just have friends who are from all different walks of life. My Arabic is not so great, but I am learning...I was NEVER good with languages.

Shameless plug...both Etihad and Emirates Palace Hotel (EPH) have been AMAZING with their support. If you have not seen the EPH, it looks like something from a movie...and check out the Manzil Center for Challenged Individuals. It's a worth while charity and Sandi Saksena (who also hs an investment advice radio show as well as a bit in the paper) who works with fund raising and Ayesha Saeed Husaini, who is Dubai's first licensed educational psychologist are both passionate about Manzil.