Saturday, August 23, 2008

Don't We All Know....

Someone who lives on this corner? Too funny, thanks JB.

Video Blog Site, We the People

I have a new site for a project I just started, We the People.

It's a Video Sociological Installation and I will be posting videos we film from Iran, as well clips people submit.

We the People of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is the launch installation, which I will follow up with We the People of the United Arab Emirates.

Thus August 21

Jeff, Sam and I were invited to have dinner at Joel Hynek's house. He is a friend and business associate and one of he best visual effects guys out there. Joel won the Academy Award for VFX for What Dreams May Come. Here is more info.

He and his better half Robin and his daughters Lindsey and Lauren were great hosts and we had some interesting discussions on the artistic aspects of film and VFX. This I REALLY like, as recently all I am doing is dealing with the business side. Lauren is also an aspiring screenwriter and her first script, which I have read, is quite good.

I am still amazed by the "barbecued peaches." Must be Canadian....