Sunday, July 6, 2008

Abu Dhabi Wildlife Center

If you have not seen the Gulf News video, please take a moment to watch it.

Ronel Smuts is an amazing woman! She has dedicated her heart and soul to saving these animals. To be around her is an inspiration.

She is a lovely friend who has taught me a lot about big cats. Ronel and her kids, Chrissie and Steve run the center.

We recently had a reporter from the Los Angeles Times visit ADWC and Ronel and the ADWC will be featured in the LA Times, one of the top 3 US newspapers. We are looking to get the word out about the ADWC Internationally, and the efforts the UAE is making to conserve wildlife.

Above is a photo of Chrissie and Shaggy having his milk with vitamins. He is one of three white lions at the ADWC.

Photo by Janet Hunt

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Nyla said...

Hi Sheikha,

Till yesterday,I had no clue tot eh existence of Ronel Smuts of the ADWC.Having read about it,I am keen to know more, but for some reason, the link to official website shows an error.
Will be much obliged if you can please send me the contact details of Ms. Ronel Smuts and ADWC.
From the pictures on your blog, I can tell, you are having a good time. The little cub looks in need of much care, trust she/he is doing well. A hug to the white lion and all the other rescued inmates who would not mind a hug by proxy.

I live in India and my work areas are education and conservation.