Sunday, August 3, 2008

Back in LA Land/Iran Film

Ok, for the weekend, I am in AZ visiting my parents. And I was hoping to get away from the heat, it's actually hotter here than AD, but no humidity.

It has been a little hectic trying to put together a crew to take to film in Iran. I think most think I have lost my senses....

This will be a companion piece to the Oliver Stone/Mahmoud Ahmedinejad project. After having this project initially rejected (comments further down)...I ended up sending a letter to the President's office, and was informed that he had changed his mind, so it's now approved. It would be great if Mr. Stone decides to go ahead with this, but he's the person who decides. Even if it does go forward, it probably would not be until next year.

I had tried to find some investors for his film W but in the end, it was too controversial for the investors I know in the GCC. I did get a copy of the script, it's a great story, even if you are not a Bush fan.

The new Iran film will be about the Presidential Election process. I think most in the US forget that they also elect a president in Iran. Everyone's going to say "Yeah, but that's different," so we will go and see what it means to vote in Iran. I am currently writing the script, a documentary is quite different, as I have to do a lot of research into the history of Iran and their politics. Interesting stuff.

Without giving away too much, I have selected a known, diverse group to speak with. I have initial approval for this project, however, I ended up changing a few of the people I wanted to meet, so I am waiting to hear back on permission for the changes. For this project, we will not be interviewing President Ahmedinejad, as I don't think anyone could do this as well as Mr. Stone.

Javad, who works in the President's office is amazingly helpful getting things done for the project. Now I just have to get a crew together to take there. More on this tomorrow, as it's Sunday here.

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