Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Hat For The Camel

This is a short film I got a chance to see, which is really good. Tasha Brodie and her son, Thomas Sangster are involved with this through their film company, Brodie Films. Brodie Films is an independent film company that was started in 2006.

I met Tasha, Thomas and his sister Ava when they came to AD last year for a charity event screening of the film, The Last Legion, for The Manzil Center. Thomas has done quite a few movies, but is best known for Love Actually and Nannie Mcphee. He is set to star in a three picture deal for the Steven Spielberg/Peter Jackson franchise, Tin Tin. Thomas plays the main character, Tin Tin.

This first film from their company is very well done and it's a period piece which takes place during the Second World War. Tasha acts in the film and she also adapted it from a radio play written by her grandfather, Anthony Bertram. Thomas is the Executive Producer. Tasha has written several other scripts and did the sound track for the film. She is a quite a talented musician as well and actually started her career as a ballerina with the London City Ballet.

Their first feature film, Goddess, will be shot next summer. We are working to get A Hat For The Camel into the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, MEIFF, this fall.

Photo courtesy of Brodie Films

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