Thursday, August 21, 2008

Iran Trip

So it seems the question I keep hearing is "Why would you want to go to Iran? Aren't you afraid something will happen to you?"

Well I cannot predict the future, but I don't see it as being dangerous. On several occasions, Iran offered to enter into discussions regrading their nuclear program with the US and EU. Then in Nov of 2006, Ahmedinejad wrote an open letter to both Bush and the American people. This is what was the inspiration for getting Oliver Stone involved with this.

Now I'm not saying that I agree with everything that was in Ahmedinejad's address. However, why not open a conversation? The worst thing that could nothing. It certainly can't hurt anything. 

If you have not read this address, here is a link.

Ahmedinejad also wrote a letter to President Bush which is similar, here is the BBC link to it.

As to why I am going, I think that once you take politics out of it, most people want the same thing. A job where they can make enough money to have a decent life, to care for and enjoy their family and friends.

On our first trip there, we are planning to film people in the street and ask them their views on Americans and what they think about us. We will post these daily to a website which is being set up for this, so people can see what the response is. It will be interesting to speak to people old enough to have lived through the Revolution of 1979 and young people, who have only known having a President.

The follow up trip later this year, will be to film the actual documentary. 

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