Saturday, September 27, 2008

Estrogen Challenged.....

OK (still in US) today I got talked into going to a candle party with my Mom. Actually the woman giving it is a friend of my Mom's whom I've met and she is lovely, so I decided to go and say "hello."

I have to admit, I did not get the girly gene. I don't become visibly anxious when shoe stores have sales. The sight of small children does not make me become a blithering idiot.

I was always the one in jeans riding horses. While I will get decked out for the right reason, I spend most days being rather casual, and can't be bothered to wear makeup. However I do shave my legs and date men exclusively.

So going to any kind of girly gathering is a stretch for me....and bridal and baby showers are an absolute "NO WAY." But the interesting thing is, I have been to a few of these type of parties in the UAE, thrown by some of the Sheikhas. Not candle parties, but over there, women have all female parties, with the exception of young male children.

They do the same things and talk about the same things...and everyone leaves with a gift. No difference.

Now if there would only have girly parties for women that like to talk about business and building empires...sign me up!

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