Friday, April 20, 2007

Abu Dhabi Wildlife Center

Take a look at these babies! This is Diego the baby cheetah and Lilly, the serval cat. In the wild, they would never be together, but they have each other for company at the ADWC. Both were bottle fed babies as their mother's abandoned them.

We were guests at ADWC and what a treat seeing these big cats. I played with Diego as he is really outgoing and he purred like a kitty while being scratched. Then he wanted to play and took turns jumping on us! He reminds me of a Great Dane puppy, huge feet and long legs.

There is another pregnant cheetah who will deliver in about 1 month. While breeding cheetahs in captivity is not easy, so far, they have been successful.


Mohamed Mustafa Saidalavi said...

Hi, Could you (anyone) please give me the contact address of Abu Dhabi wild life center

Sheikha M. said...

Please email me at and I will give you Ronel's phone nuber. It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find unless she gives you directions, or has the driver meet you.

After you go there, you realize it is actually quite easy to get there, it's just the tunr in is a tough one. I could not find you email address on your blog site.


Sha. M