Friday, October 10, 2008


I was fortunate enough to get a copy of Oliver Stone's W script, as we had some investors in the GCC who wanted to look at investing in films. In the end, most thought it was to controversial.

It really is a good story, and I don't think it's controversial at all. It's out there...but it makes you think, which IMO is what a good film should do.

I believe it is in a trailer for Bill Maher's film, Religulous, where there is a clip of Bush. Apparently he is answering a question on foreign policy (you don't hear the question) His answer is along the lines of "I believe that God wants everyone to be free, so that is the basis of my foreign policy."

Now that is not verbatim, but close to what is on the clip. How ignorant can someone sound? Even if you are deeply religious, which is one's personal right, to express this goes beyond insane. Whose God is he talking about? How pompous that he believes that if "his God" says must be so.

I am not arguing that freedom is a negative thing, but by making such a statement, you are not taking into consideration other people's concept of what God is or isn't.

No wonder he is the worst President the US has had. Anyway, I would recommend seeing W, and I am going to see Religulous. Curious if either will play in the GCC.....


Acme said...

tell us & describe to us the Religulous habits and the morals of the UAE PEAPOLE.
we're going to pay a visit to the UAE by next january & i wish if i can have some heads up

Sheikha M. said...

Well as I live in Los Angeles as well, it reminds me a lot of here.

The Emiratis make up only 20% of the population, the rest are expats. They are extremely well educated and polite.

They are of course Muslim, but it is a tolerate society. The thing to remember is that you are a guest in their country and act as you would visiting any country, respectfully.

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the Emiratis and have several friends, both men and women, who are locals. As far as habits, most go to the mosque, but I would say that's a personal choice as to how often.

Remember, the vast majority of the locals went to university either in the UK or US, so it's not like going somewhere where the population does not travel.

Pretty much everyone speaks English, perhaps if you are out driving around in the country, you might fid someone that does not speak English well, but they are always willing to help. It is also very safe and I drive around by myself and wander the countryside, as I love to see different places. Never have had a feeling that I was in a dangerous situation, which is different from LA.

I have been very fortunate in my business there and have always been treated well. I hope you enjoy your visit and I would suggest you make it a point to visit some of the things which are not so tourist oriented, to get a sense of the country.