Friday, November 7, 2008


I think the entire election process was amazing, even though I did not vote. I'm glad Obama won, however, I think he faces a daunting uphill climb.

What I do think is fantastic about Obama winning is that it gives people hope. The idea that a man with an ethnic background can run and be elected as the President of the United States is in itself, a victory for everyone.

When you think about, US Presidents have always been rather wealthy white guys. If Obama can do it, why not a woman, or an Asian American, or a Mexican American? Why not indeed!

His story is inspiring in itself, apart from the fact he is now going to be the President. Can he make changes? We can only wait and see what happens. But Americans love the underdog, we like to root for the guy who succeeds against impossible odds and this energy maybe what will help him get things accomplished. I hope so.

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